Blaze – B.A.R.F.

We are switching Blaze and Grumbles to a raw diet.  So far so good.  They got their first chicken wing (testing the waters w/ bones now) last night.  Tom was nervous about the bones but they crunched them up just fine.  This morning they got chicken back for breakfast.  Was gone in seconds. I will be ordering more stuff tonight, organs (livers, kidneys, etc) and more chicken.  Will keep you updated on how it’s going and let me know if you have any questions or are interested.  We’ve been researching for months and talked to their vet so we are pretty comfortable now. The boys are very happy as well as you can imagine.  And the Meat store says she’s thinking of opening up a section just for dog food because so many people are calling her for it. : )


Mud n fun


Shelby also sits on me. She totally thinks she is a lap dog. If I’m watching a movie and my other two tiny dogs are up with me she has to be too! She is so sweet though just follows me everywhere. She sleeps right next to me most nights, I love it. This picture above is from the dog park. There is a drain from the water fountain and she is so happy and content to just play in the mud and make a mess. She likes it so much I don’t have the heart to say no… which is what most other owners do. Lol… the pic below is of her and my other small chi ayden. They have become pretty good friends. 🙂


Silly Puppies

Does anyone else’s baby sit on them?  As soon as I come home and lay down, Blaze sits on me.  I don’t mean like lay his head on my chest, I mean, all fours sits on my stomach, all 75 lbs of him.  Is it just Crazy Blazy?  I told my husband that he’s probably going to be the death of me, but to not get mad at him cause he suffocated me with love.  haha.